Personalised Online Site

Modern day consumers expect convenient solutions to all their needs. This includes easy online access to their monthly bills and communications from your organisation. Consumers can now enjoy such a solution from Bidvest Data’s secure online communication portal; i:site.

i:site is an innovative document presentment portal and an invaluable business tool for any consumer-reaching organisation. i:site displays personalised documents in a secure online environment that serves as virtual storage.

How i:Site works:

Consumers are directed to log on to i:site via email or SV SMS (Smart View SMS). Once they have authenticated, a menu based dashboard of options is displayed. They can view a summary statement, or download their full bill; choose to view their current or previous month’s documents; view and accept targeted marketing offers, update their details, make immediate payment or link to any external web page. Consumers enjoy a wide range of convenient options, all in one online location.

The features and benefits of i:site:

  • Securely hosted and accessed via password authentication
  • Option to view previous month’s documents
  • Accessed via consumers channel of choice (Email or SV SMS)
  • Convenient call-to-action menu’s
  • Consumer behaviour is tracked and reported
  • Web responsive display - for any device
  • Supports targeted, cross-sell & upsell marketing
  • Integrated payment options
  • Tracks consumers interaction
  • Custom designed according to your organisation’s needs and corporate identity