Email Billing & E‑Payment

Save with e-Billing

Offer your customers a convenient way to pay by delivering secure e-Billing documents directly into their email inbox. Going paperless saves on printing and postage costs, lowers environmental impact and boosts ROI.

We supply PDF documents attached to emails with body text due to their low rejection rate on external mail servers. However, we also offer interactive HTML documents with decrypting software as part of the email document.

For business-to-business (B2B) document distribution we supply login facilities to our Online Document Viewing and Management platform.

We can also write and deliver DVDs for internal viewing and storage. The information on the DVDs are accessed and navigated via a menu system supplied as part of the operating system on the DVD.

Bounce rate reports either in categorised format or in detail (as supplied by mail servers) are available as part of the service offering.

Email Product Features

  • Failover
    Automated re-send of bounces to alternate channel e.g. SMS fail - re‑send to Email
  • Whitelisting
    BVD actively ensure that our sending domains remain whitelisted on the recipient spam filters
  • Link Tracking
    BVD report on the customer opening the Email or HTML, as well as any further links selected
  • Selective Marketing
    Marketing images within the Email and HTML can be targeted according to customer data
  • Vouchers
    Personalised vouchers form part of Email or HTML
  • Password Protection
    Password protected access can be applied to secure HTML and attached PDF documents
  • Response Reports
    Receipt and reporting on customer responses to electronic Communications

Easy e‑Payments using QR Codes

We include QR (Quick Response) Codes on both printed and electronic bills. Your customers simply scan the QR Code on printed documents using their smartphone camera or open it directly if delivered to their phone. A payment provider App opens on their smartphone which allows quick and easy payment of the required, or a preferred amount due.

Merchant account set-up with reconciliation and reference requirements are prepared in advance. Money travels directly from the customer via one of the big four banks into your bank account.