Document Management

We offer a single point of contact solution for all your customer communications, from e-Billing and Mobile Statements to Printed and Mailed hard copies.


  • Single supplier for all multi-channel communication services.
  • Secure data handling on our custom platform.
  • Fail-over capability and integration between channels.
  • Call centre access to system.
  • File audit trail and reconciliation reports.

Data Processing

Our specialised systems handle the entire process - from data receipt, through document creation, distribution (with fail-over capability) and tracking - with comprehensive reports for each process.

Our expert development teams work with many data formats, including XML, AFP, CSV, PDF, ASCII and can accommodate older data formats.

Document Creation

We take a modular approach to document creation, ensuring quick and secure updating and proofing of documents where ongoing changes are required.

Repository Management System (RMS)

As part of our core service offering we store all documents on a web accessible archiving platform, regardless of whether the document was printed, emailed or sent to a mobile device. Now you can easily view, retrieve and manage your documents online: you decide the storage period and staff access levels; and have full view of user activity audit trail.


We mitigate threats using a multi-tiered approach to security: from a sophisticated anti-denial-of-service (anti-DDOS) hardware server that guards resource availability, to a Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) that pro-actively detects and prevents malicious activity; your data is safe in our hands.